Cherryville Better Living Centre

Cherryville Better Living Centre (CBLC)... writeup to come later :)

Reach Mexico 

The Richlands Church is the first to sponsor a child in the REACH Mexico Project, which aims to provide previously uneducated Mexican children with the skills to thrive. You can help too, and for more information, see their official website at

Super Good News

Super Good News is a collaborative endeavor that aims to empower individuals who are seeking a genuine, biblical transformation in their lives. Led by two experienced Pastors, Victor and Terry, who are in their 80's, the organization utilizes digital media and popular video platforms to reach those who may have previously been considered unreachable. Our channel serves as a source of inspiration and guidance, encouraging people to live in harmony with nature, science, and prophecy, while also tapping into the power of art to touch the hearts of our audience. Ultimately, our goal is to welcome the unreached into our eternal community and to share the blessings of the promised land, allowing them to experience the joys of heaven in the present moment. Visit us at