The Testimony of Jesus Seminar with Andrew Bikichky

Come join us at the Richlands Seventh-Day Adventist church in Cherryville, BC, for an eye-opening prophecy seminar from ex-Hollywood camera operator turned Adventist, Andrew Bikichky. If you are not able to make it in person, check back for YouTube uploads each day.


October 18-21 and 25-28, at 6 PM every night, except Sabbath (see below for detailed schedule on Sabbath).


Oct 18 - 6pm Wednesday “Prophecy of the Kingdoms”

Oct 18 - 7:30pm Wednesday “The Kingdoms Revealed”

Oct 19 - 6pm Thursday “Prophecy of the Messiah” Pt.1

Oct 19 - 7:30pm “Prophecy of the Messiah” Pt.2

Oct 20 - 6pm Friday “The Little Horn”

Oct 20 - 7:30pm Friday “The Other Beast”

Oct 21 - 11am Sabbath Service “The Creator Challenged”

Oct 21 - 2pm Sabbath afternoon “Mark of the Beast”

Oct 21 - 3:15pm Sabbath afternoon “God’s Special Sign”

Oct 25 - 6pm Wednesday “The Battle at the End” Pt.1

Oct 25 - 7:30pm Wednesday “The Battle at the End” Pt.2

Oct 26 - 6pm Thursday “The Sanctuary Cleansed” Pt.1

Oct 26 - 7:30pm Thursday “The Sanctuary Cleansed” Pt.2

Oct 27 - 6pm Friday “Death, Resurrection & The 2nd Coming”

Oct 27 - 7:30pm Friday “2nd Resurrection, Judgement & Hell”

Oct 28 - 11am Sabbath Service “The Testimony of Jesus”